In Darkness, There's Light

Set out on a quest to bring light and life back to your home

The world has been taken over by the realm of shadows. The Summer Realm has gone dark and life is slowly dying. Play as Amber, a nymph, to bring life and light back into the world and defeat the Shadow King.


  • A variety of weapons and combat styles

  • Utilize energy stones as a weapon and to bring the dying environment to life again 

  • As the world comes to life, shadow monsters dissipate


About the project

In Darkness, There's Light, also known as "IDTL" was a passion project that I aimed to develop with a group of peers. I created all project documentation and communicated design intent to the team. As well as acting as Creative Director and sole designer.

Unfortunately, the project didn't develop passed pre-production due to team member's time and schedule conflicts but I gained a tremendous amount of experience in project management, leadership, and experience in creative problem-solving. 


©2020 by Deana Galbraith

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