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Solbot: Energy Rush

Partner with Solbot in his journey to collect energy orbs

'Solbot Energy Rush' is a casual mobile game with easy one tap controls. Play as a robot and collect renewable energy resources as part of a space mission. Dodge tricky patterns, learn facts about saving energy to help the environment, and use fun power ups!


  • One Touch Control

  • 50 Unique Levels

  • Collect colorful Energy Orbs matching with Robot

  • Multiple fun Power-ups

  • Facts about Renewable Energy and saving the Environment

  • Genre: Arcade

  • Platform: Google Play, App Store

  • Game Engine: Unity

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One of the design goals of the game was to utilize a unique color mechanic via Solbot, the robot. When Solbot crosses through the gate it changes its color and you must collect orbs that match the color of the robot.

Another goal we set for the design was to develop fun gameplay based on the players fast reaction. We were able to do this by designing various different orbs other than the ones the player had to collect. If the player runs into an orb that doesn't match their robot's color it deals damage. This makes the player have to quickly bypass the wrong colored orbs that they don't need to collect, therefore making the player have to quickly navigate between various areas.

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My role

My role on the project was the Lead Game Designer. I pitched the game idea which was approved and went into development. I prepared the design and planning documentation for the core game concept, features, and game systems. I also created the initial UX/UI wireframes and iterated in response to feedback.

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"I assign this a solid 10/10 for being a fantastic retro gaming experience with a good message"



"A classic and simple game is a really wonderful and inventive template for incorporating a social message, and that is truly admirable"



"Solbot: Energy Rush is worth an immediate download! It’s strategic, colorful, and engaging content creates a very fun game to pass the time."

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