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Squire! Mobile
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Squire! Beta

Play as the somewhat competent Squire in an effort to support the mighty Hero, in his quest to become the best and world renowned in all the land.

Squire! is a card dungeon game where you control a Squire. Defeat scary minions, collect items such as weapons, health potions and more to support your Hero in defeating epic monsters! 


  • Easy one-hand controls

  • 2 Epic bosses with specific attack cards and abilities 

  • Different card types such as weapons, equipment and field cards

  • Custom 8-bit pixel graphics (made with the sweat and tears of various Squires)

  • Genre: Card, Puzzle, Strategy

  • Platform: Google Play, App Store

  • Game Engine: Unity

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Players navigate on the game board by swiping left, right, up or down to move your squire in turn moving your hero. By navigating the board players are able to collect various cards that can assist their hero ranging from health potions, weapons, and more. Part of the strategy is also avoiding enemy attack cards as much as possible.


A challenging aspect of this project was the various card pools we had to design and balancing the decks to make sure there wasn't a surplus amount of cards on either side. Cards are categorized as equipment, field, and enemy cards. We also had to make sure there were enough cards for each category to make sure each playthrough was diverse and fun.

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My role

I worked as a game designer, designing field, item, and Boss attack cards. I also worked with the team to design the bosses and the overall high-level narrative. Assisted with documentation upkeep and organization.

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