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Toys 'N Tyrants

Fight valiantly through the dreadful mercenaries of Threadbear's ranks to end the malicious tyrant and save all of toy-kind!

Control a stuffed animal with rag-doll physics and traverse a vibrant, toy themed world. Take on a wide range of enemies, from wind up toys to remote controlled drones who serve the Mad King. Play by yourself or with 3 other friends in this action filled hack-and-slash game.

  • Genre: Local Co-op, Hack-and-Slash

  • Platform: PC

  • Game Engine: Unity

  • Duration: 4 months

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Toys & Tyrants
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Toys N Tyrants levels are linear and contain hidden areas with secret items such as chests. Levels are heavily inspired by children's bedroom furniture, such as a bookshelf, a toy box, and a bed.

Players were purposely put at a smaller scale than props to help give the player the feeling that they are playing as a toy and viewing the world from the perspective of the toy.

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My Role

As a Designer I assisted with the establishment and implementation of level design, making level maps and world building levels, along with HUD implementation.

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