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Hi, I'm Deana Galbraith! An award winning designer and producer working in games for the last 8 years. Learn more about my work on my portfolio! I’ve contributed design to 5 shipped mobile and desktop titles, while assisting with shipping 8+ titles on Steam.

I’m currently a Producer at Neopets spearheading our annual events and features. Previously, I was the Creative Director at Captilight Games.

Looking for some help on a project? Starting a game studio? Something else?

Happy to talk about games, design , production, and how I’ve managed to work my way through the industry.

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She Plays Games 100

Voted Top 100 most inspiring women in games by She Plays Games. This list includes 100 of the video game industry’s most inspiring women who are having a positive impact and are pushing boundaries.

AT&T Unlocked Games

Path of Kami: Journey Begins received an honorable mention in the AT&T Unlocked Games Showcase event in March 2022.

Girls Make Games

 Star Counselor Staff Award

Indienomicon Indie Awards

Celestial Harmony won "Best Use of Game Mechanic" at the Indie Awards 2018

Selected Exhibitions

 DevGamm! 2021

Path of Kami Demo


Path of Kami Demo

Otronicon 2020

Path of Kami Demo

EduX Future of Education 2018

Celestial Harmony

Otronicon 2018

Celestial Harmony

UCF Celebrates the Arts 2017

Mario Kart 64 Physical Prototype

Games. 🎮 

Projects I’ve worked on.

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