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Product Manager


Neopets: Faerie's Hope is a match-3 mobile game where players can match tiles in the form of Petpet's while collecting wocky jellies to unlock story content to rebuild Faerieland in the sky! I had the pleasure of leading a team of 5 people from the Jumpstart Games team to work in collaboration with our parent company's devoplement team. My role involved leading the team to tackle deliverables and any needs the development team needed along with consulting on the IP and ensuring IP accuracy. 


2021 to 2022




Mobile: App Store and Google Play



The main story of Faerie's Hope is to follow up and expand on the 'Faerie's Ruin' plot that occurred on site in the 2010 Faerie Festival Event. Faerieland was a kingdom that floated above Neopia in the clouds. In the Faerie's Ruin plot, the faeries were betrayed by an Xweetok named Xandra. She turned all the faeries to stone and crashed their floating land into Neopia. The faeries were saved, but their home was not.


Faerie's Hope starts with a Faerie that has woken up (without memories) on a small piece of Faerieland that was left in the sky. She then tasks herself to rebuild a New Faerieland. Players can play match-3 games to get Wocky Jellies that can be used to progress through the story and rebuild the floating island. Players can also use winnings from match 3 games to customize their Neopets.


Since the story is based on a past plot we had to make sure that the story, events, and items were all accurate and were referenced correctly. Working remotely with our internal team that had members across the U.S. and an international team in China also had its difficulties. To remedy this we set core hours that we would both be online at the same time.


We had to also overcome cultural barriers in communication and in player audiences. We worked with a translator to help mediate between teams to help communication be smooth and understood. Since the game was aimed for a Western audience we mentored the team on western audience dislikes/likes and advised on all aspects of the project while ensuring IP accuracy.


  • 2023: Faeries Hope Lost Fragments Mobile Tie-In Event

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