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Global Game Jam 2018 - Birds of a Feather

This year I participated in my first Global Game Jam! I had such an amazing time and worked with a great group of people. The prompt was “Transmission” we decided to make Birds of a Feather. We also challenged ourselves by using the diversifier “Feathered Friends” which asked for the protagonist to be a bird.

What is Birds of a feather? You play as a bird that is delivering a letter to various areas across the world. But watch out! You have obstacles in your path you have to avoid to deliver the letter safely.

We created the game in Unity. In this game, I specifically worked on UI and Level Design. I created the 2D art for the main menu, pause menu, and worked on materials. I mostly worked on levels 2 and 3, world building and laying obstacles.

Some of the challenges we came across was scope. We had originally thought of doing 7 levels and theme each level to a random country. We unfortunately didn’t have enough time and resources to do that, as we only had one artist on the team.

Also, the majority of the team was full of designers and had one programmer. Because of this we knew in the beginning that we had to make a game that had simple mechanics. Our goal was to create a fun experience based on fast reactions and time traveling. 

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