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Solbot: Energy Rush - Dev Series #3

Development Series #3 covers finalized main character concepts, how the story of the game changed from a city environment to space, while discussing some new elements in gameplay.

Welcome to our 3rd devlog article about our upcoming casual arcade based mobile game Solbot:Energy Rush. Through these series of articles we would like to share our experience of how this game evolved, the development progress/phases, working remotely from different locations as a team and much more.

In the previous post we covered how we incorporated a background story to give more meaningful gameplay and shared sketches of how the environment and robot would look. We also shared a gameplay video of a build which incorporated levels, orb collection, and various colored orbs.

I decided to go with the Robot, Future Theme. The story follows a solar robot that has been designed by a company to harness light wavelengths to power a city. The robot will fly above the city collecting different light orbs and flying through gates to release the light/power generators within the gates. Through development the background story has moved from the city to space. Now we are depicting that the Robot is collecting Renewable energy resources as part of a space mission.

A finalized concept of the Robot:

We also flushed out some power ups to feature in the game. We will be talking about 2 of them, so others can still be a surprise. We thought about having a magnet type power up, once activated will bring all needed colored orbs to the player. You can view the magnet power up in action on our twitter page.

We also added to add a laser level where the player has to avoid lasers for a period of time to stay a life. You can also view this on our twitter page.

In the next post we will share more about our development progress, so stay tuned!

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