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Solbot: Energy Rush - Dev Series #4

Development Series #4 covers new power ups we have implemented and new ones that are in the works. We also cover some animations that were worked on and share a video showing the newly added features.

Welcome to our 4th devlog article about our upcoming casual arcade based mobile game Solbot:Energy Rush. Through series of articles we would like to share our experience of how this game evolved, the development progress/phases, working remotely from different locations as a team and much more.

In the previous post we covered the finalized main character concept for our Robot and revealed some details about some new power ups we were implementing.

This past week we have been focusing on developing new power ups and adding in animations to juice things up! We can discuss some of the power ups we have been working on so far and we will share a video of the updated gameplay with the new animations.

In our last post we talked about our Magnet power up and how it attracts orbs around you. This week we have been working on a power up that will, for a certain amount of time, convert all orbs to the colored orbs that you need to collect. You can see it in action in our twitter post.

We also worked on a power up where little rocket shooters are activated to shoot everything that you aren't able to collect, giving you the power to navigate easily to reach the orbs you can collect. We were able to implement this and you can also view this in our recent twitter post. Some other power ups that we have in the works is a shield which will protect you from on coming obstacles and a power up to slow down time.

This week we focused on the following animations: idle, collecting orbs, and dying. View the animations and some power ups below:


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