Socially Twisted Party Game

Socially Twisted Party Game

Socially Twisted Party Game Mockups.png

Socially Twisted Party Game Mockups.png


Socially Twisted

A party game where you record yourself telling a story using a story theme and 6 word cards. Get competitive with your friends or family, the best story wins!

While working with 302 Interactive, I had the pleasure of working on the Socially Twisted app. Socially Twisted was initially a physical card game. I worked with the team to create a standalone app version of the game.

This is a F2P asynchronous mobile game where players can create groups with friends or family and record themselves telling stories. The person with the most votes wins.



At the moment the game has two different types of play, Party Mode and Freeplay

  • Freeplay: A quick way to get stories recorded and ready for sharing without the need to create a game session. Set your own time limit and packs, then enter the classic Storytelling mode to get your story recorded.

  • Party Mode: Tell a story with 6 words that match the round's story theme. Play with 3 - 6 players. The game can be accessed by entering a group and beginning a game. When in a group, you can text your friends using the in-app messaging function.

The Challenge

The most challenging aspect was getting the asynchronous gameplay working and feeling great. We needed to design around the fact that not everyone will be online at the same time. Additionally, we wanted the game to have a heavy social component and took inspiration from popular social apps such as Snapchat and Facebook. 


My role

I worked as a designer, in charge of the overall game design and UI/UX for the game. Along with designing the gameplay and overall user flow I worked closely with the team to test and find bugs.

Assisted with internal and external playtesting sessions providing and receiving feedback, making changes where needed.