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A virtual reality platform for completing physical rehabilitation through games

While working with 302 Interactive, I had the pleasure of working with Verapy Therapy to create a VR physical rehabilitation platform. Verapy worked with patients, through games, to help them complete therapy exercises in a fun way. 

  • Platform: Pico Neo

  • Game Engine: Unity

  • Duration: 1 yr + (In Progress)

  • Team Size: 5

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Verapy Therapy
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At the moment the platform has a total of four game activities that are specifically designed to work with multiple exercises and body parts.

  • Ball Toss: Shoulder (Internal & External Rotation (Neutral)) and Wrist (Flexion & Extension)​

  • Water Blaster: Elbow (Flexion & Extension), Shoulder (Flexion & Extension), and Wrist (Radial & Ulnar Deviation)​

  • Sandcastle Destroyer: Elbow (Flexion & Extension), Shoulder (Internal & External Rotation (Abduction)) and Wrist (Radial & Ulnar Deviation)

  • Fruit Catching: Neck Rotation, Bend, and Flexion & Extension

The Challenge

One of the challenges faced during the project was our technical limitations with the VR controllers. They were 3DOF and our clients were wanting to collect data to record patient's range of motion. In order to collect the data accurately, the developers created a custom axis puppet for the game. I needed to design our games with the axis puppet in mind while also making sure that the physical exercises and the activities the patients were doing made physical and visual sense.

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My role

I worked as the sole Designer, working with our clients to design fun activities that could work with therapeutic exercises. I also worked as a level designer, building the environments for all the game activities. Additionally, I worked on the UI/UX of the entire game such as the user flow, wireframes, design and more.

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Startup of the year 2019

Top 100 Semifinalist

Catalyst Pitch Competition

2nd Place

South by Southwest

Best Speed Pitch in AR/VR

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